Tips to improve employability

Sometimes there are candidates who are well and above qualified for a job but are unaware of how they need to reflect the qualities which would attract the employer into hiring you. There are certain trips and tricks that can be used in order to improve the employability quality of people, some of them are as follows;

Being an all-in-one package

Having the academic qualification will not suffice if the candidate does not portray how the application of the academics is done in the real world, and he will not be considered as a potential employee. Wsq courses in Singapore help people identify what exactly every employer would be looking for among a group of possibilities.

Adjusting a CV

A curriculum vitae can be adjusted according to the job applied for, to make it look as if you were born for this. Adjusting the CV does not mean that fake traits can be entered but including those that seem most appropriately possessed to handle the responsibilities under the job description can be added as an advantage.

Focus on the important skills

Currently, most employers look for candidates who have team spirit and the ability to lead a team to its goal, by adding experiences on community services and other activities, the applicant has a chance of standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Being a little public

By creating social media accounts that define your job personality on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook the employer has a wider range to evaluate on your performance at previous jobs through former bosses. Keeping an active management of accounts regarding work activities would aid the employer in identifying strengths and weaknesses further hence making you seem as an attractive deal.


Using a strong network of contacts who are powerful in the business world, elevates the personality and capacity of the candidate, while reflecting a rather valuable person who should not be let go, which again increases the employability of the person.

Identifying requirements

Based on the job description and job analysis provided, it is important to think like the employer and hunt down each requirement which might be of use to the panel and the organization. Identifying what exactly is needed to be fulfilled by the employee from his end of the deal, by recognizing what is required the candidate is able to prepare accordingly and face the interview with an attractive and confident personality.

The key to a successful interview is when the potential candidate seems capable of being the next CEO.

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